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Mirae Asset Capital Markets Pvt Ltd specialises in financial services. Since 1996, Equitymaster has been the source for honest and credible opinions on investing in India. With solid research and in-depth analysis Equitymaster is dedicated towards making its readers- smarter, more confident and richer every day. Here’s why hundreds of thousands of readers spread across more than 70 countries Trust Equitymaster.


The question of the role of society, state, and markets has occupied people forever. I read lots and lots of books that are about the same theme, and my conversation with Prem Kumar Verma was also in that vein. Similarly, the Bazaar had to come in to set value, to regulate exchange, and to build goods and services so all of us can experience more abundance. I feel like sometimes we forget that, because in the last century or so, and maybe there have been episodes of that before too, the story of the Bazaar and the story of the Sarkaar has overtaken the narrative. This item is eligible for free replacement, within 10 days of delivery, in an unlikely event of damaged, defective or different/wrong item delivered to you. For device-related issues in Apple iPhones, please contact Apple Customer Service.

  • LEI transfer is the movement of the LEI code from one service provider to another.
  • We are happy that they are continuing our programmes which they had once rubbished and rejected out of hand but that is not enough.
  • However, while it is important to execute orders with speed, the accuracy while entering an order cannot be ignored.
  • Enable access to financial services for farmers, linkage to supply chains and extension of financial literacy.
  • They realize that you cannot separate yourself and your wealth.

You have to motivate the private sector to invest in rural India so that direct and indirect jobs are created but that is not happening. We are happy that they are continuing our programmes which they had once rubbished and rejected out of hand but that is not enough. Those programmes must be continued, but at the same time government must do structural reform of factor markets and product markets. Your majority allows you to do that, both by legislation and executive action. As required by CBSE, BLB Institute of Financial Markets has developed a mock trading software called TradeSenseTM.

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I was completely new to the world of investments, especially accessing the stock markets. I was keen to know more and how to invest my passive savings. The stimulus for the rural economy has to come only out of more investments and expenditure in rural India. What government can do is to spend money in rural India on public sector projects such as roads, watershed programmes, irrigation, etc., but that won’t be enough.

Open: Applications for next Newmark’s Executive Program cohort … – Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Open: Applications for next Newmark’s Executive Program cohort ….

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Both the negative and positive of this are coming out. People cannot live at the edge of things all the time. It will swing to some normal new codes of media just like we did when the phone came and the printing press came and the television came, right? But the reason I say this is because the digital age, at least as far as I know now, seems to be here to stay. I can’t see us going back into the only physical world. While online spaces have become so polarized, how can we make them spaces for public reasoning instead?

Therefore more columns had to be devoted to other subjects. I own the affidavit and i believe he should also own the affidavit. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at with a brief bio and we will get in touch with you.

Today, if we build trust digitally between groups and between the Sarkaar, the Bazaar, and civil society, how much more rapidly will we be able to respond? And we saw this during the pandemic, when so much organizing happened online and people’s hearts and minds were so quickly engaged. In fact, individual giving went up 43% in those three months. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because that’s all the data we have, there must be so much more. We have seen so many times that we can’t be cynical about the human species. We have evolved to be social creatures who are willing to reach out.

The 5% who have started to invest in penny stocks should have a long term view in mind and only choose the fundamentally strong penny stocks if they dare. Turbulent times call for bluechips and largecap stocks to come to the rescue. LEI Register offers a transfer service with an LEI renewal to ensure the highest level of data accuracy. LEI transfer is the movement of the LEI code from one service provider to another.

For Android smartphones, our what is principal’s liabilitys Centre will prompt you to download the Blancco app to diagnose issues with a defective smartphone. We’ll provide a resolution on the basis of the Blancco app diagnostic results. In certain cases, we may also schedule a technician visit to your location. But this is an issue that politicians don’t talk about and maybe the media can talk more about it. And certainly civil society needs to get engaged as well. If we had better laws for all, and we had equality before the law and the constitution, then you could hold everybody to account through good policy and law.

No two bull markets have ever been driven by the same set of stocks. Hence, you must rush to exit these bull market drivers before the peak. When bull market valuations are showing indications of turning around, it is time to prefer defensives like FMCG, IT, pharma and food companies that are less vulnerable to economic cycles. How do you decide if it is time to reduce exposure to equities? If the P/E of the Nifty goes close to the upper historical end and the dividend yield moves closer to the lower historical band, it is time to move out of equities.

My daughter will be joining the company and expanding our offering. Since I started ten years ago, the business environment has become crowded. You don’t have permission to access /us-markets-end-lower-37 on this server. I intended to write mainly on economics but as the year passed by the narrative changed. By the end of the year the narrative was no longer economic development. It was intolerance, divisiveness and harassment of anyone dissenting from the government.

So, of course, we’ve committed to give away a minimum of 50% of our wealth, and I hope we can do more. The way I grew up, there’s no question that we very much are rooted in this soil, we are very much rooted in the values of this country and there’s no question of abdicating responsibility. In my house, we were taught about simple living and high thinking. I’m not sure if we’ve kept the simple living part, but we do try to keep the high thinking.

In addition we provide you related news, analysis tools, interactive charts and analysis articles. You may add FIMKX MF to your portfolio and watchlist to keep track with the fund’s performance and users commentary. I think with the technological revolution that we’ve seen, things are changing very fast now and we are still figuring out the public course and the new norms to set.

While there is no hard and fast definition of a bull or bear market, the general global practice is to define a consistent rally of 50% or more as a bull rally and a correction of over 20% as a bear market. That brings us to the bigger question; how to make portfolio adjustments in such bull and bear markets. Hence, buy on dips strategy in quality large cap and midcap stocks should be adopted as the broader structure remains positive. The ongoing healthy retracement would make the market healthy from a larger term perspective and pave the way for the next leg of the up move in coming weeks.

I felt that if something is, I have to participate in changing it. I think in that sense as journalists, we try to report on things that are wrong so that people get engaged in the conversations to set them right. I felt I had to start a civil society organization to see what like-minded people could do. Since then – from 1992 to 2022 – I have tried to learn and do better. So, instead of parking your total capital in one asset class or a single category of stocks, allocate small equal parts across the board periodically. Moving on, we have 23% of the audience which is investing in mid-cap stocks while 15% are allocating their capital in small-cap stocks.

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