10 Tips For Hiring Remote Customer Service Employees

The Customer Service Representative must handle complaints, provide appropriate solutions for customers, and follow up to resolve any issues their customers experience. In a tough market, buyers whose concerns are not addressed will quickly move on to a competitor. Conversely, customers who feel seen will reward a company with repeat business, even if things occasionally go wrong. Most customers won’t go back to a company they had a bad experience with, even if a friend tells them that the service has gotten better. On the other hand, 61% of consumers would switch to a competitor following a single bad experience. After two negative experiences, more than three-quarters of customers are ready to call it quits.

It’s because they need some type of professional guidance in either making a purchase, clarifying questions, or fixing an issue. Many customers prefer a system of service that doesn’t require them to talk on the phone and remain on endless holds. Plus, chat records remove the need for agents to provide documentation of the situation and solution that transpired. However, they communicate with customers through a live chat function, as opposed to hearing their voice over the phone. They work diligently to solve customer problems and answer users’ questions virtually. You may also need to troubleshoot issues using a computer to share screens remotely or chat online.

Customer service increases profits

A remote customer service team means employees are either working from a home office or outside of the organization’s standard brick-and-mortar office facilities. Remote customer service jobs were some of the first positions to go virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic, and many customer service roles remain virtual. Customer Service Companies Customer service companies provide complete customer support as an outsourcing solution for businesses. They offer 24/7 service, training for customer service teams, and KPI reporting. There are hundreds of thousands of customer service companies worldwide, including well-known ones like Ritz Carlton and JetBlue.

what does remote customer service mean

If a call center agent is unable to work out the question or problem, they must route the customer to the proper channels. After each incident, a call center agent must properly document the event and final result for company records. These are the folks who help when you’re calling in to process a monthly credit card payment, ask questions about subscribing to a new phone plan, or file a complaint about a recent computer repair.


Employees will appreciate the extra time and money they save by not commuting. There can be an increased set of challenges for managers who oversee remote customer service agents. It can be hard to keep employee engagement motivation and other performance metrics high. Remote customer service is not just a growing trend in the workplace today — like many jobs, these roles are becoming permanent. More companies are allowing employees to work from home or hiring workers from all around the world to work on the same digital team.

All things considered, the business value lies in their approach to the customer. For example, you call your telecommunication service provider and ask for a new service. An agent offers you two services where the only things they understand are the name and the price of the service. Wouldn’t what is remote customer service something like that make you rethink your service provider? You can clearly see what lack of agent’s comprehension brings to customer service. In being open to the possibility of hiring customer service workers that are remote, organizations unlock access to much larger talent pools.

What do 7,000+ service professionals across 33 countries have to say about the strategic role of customer service today?

The relationship between customer and representative can be a beautiful thing. Voicing opinions while working remotely is never straightforward. Friendly suggestions like “I don’t think this is the best solution for the customer, let’s try something else” can be perceived as offensive or showing dissent. You can always create your own versions and tell the team about it. It would also prevent responses that do not add value to conversations, such as “thanks” or “acknowledged”.

what does remote customer service mean

When people work remotely, the line between professional and personal line becomes thin. Teams often face after-hours calls when they should be off the clock. When team members work efficiently, they help each other, they get more done together, and they provide better service to customers. This is especially true for people who are new to the remote work culture. They are more likely to start feeling cut-off from the rest of the team.

Thus, customer service representatives are not just required to reactively respond to requests. Proactive customer outreach is also becoming a common duty of service employees. It may include offering support before customers even ask for help. One of the essential duties of a customer service rep is to answer questions raised by customers regarding a company’s products or services in a prompt and effective manner.

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